CIDB Registration

The Register of Contractors (RoC) with the Construction Industry Development Board (cidb) is a macro risk management tool to support clients to better procure for infrastructure.  It applies to all contractors wishing to do work in the public sector. The RoC categorizes and grades contractors according to financial and works capability to carry out construction projects. Grades range from 1 to 9. The Construction Industry Development (CID) Regulations of 2004, as amended, bind public sector clients to only award construction contracts to cidb registered contractors.

MRMS registered with cidb in 2010 and achieved a 3CE grading. With the 2013 review MRMS achieved a grading of 7 CE PE and 7 GB PE. MRMS was awarded work one level above the registered grading based on the registration, classifying MRMS as Potentially Emerging (PE).

With this grading MRMS can be contracted for projects with the public sector to the value of R 130 000 000 in both Civil Engineering (CE) and General Building (GB) displaces.

Management has set a goal to achieve an 8 CE and 8 GB grading during the next annual review.


CIDB-2018 Feb-08