MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFenceInstalation Electrical fence, slab, inner and outer fence.   MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFenceMainGateInstalation Two main gate and one electrical sliding gate with a 14 m x 8m x0.3 m slab  35 mpa MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFenceConcreteSlab Concrete slab 1.0m x 0.8m MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFenceAntiTunnelling T-section concrete concrete slab horizontal (0.80 m x 1m) anti tunneling vertical (0.1 m x 0.300 m) MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFencePosts Installation of outer and inner fence poles 60 mm x 60 mm x 3m with a 300mmx300mm foundation (above & below). MRMSCivilContractorsElectricFencePosts2