Introduction – Industrial Cleaning

MRMS has vast experience in the cleaning of Eskom Power Plants and Industrial sites. We maintain a high quality of cleaning and customised ad hoc or permanent cleaning solutions for normal and abnormal conditions.

Core to the excellence of our cleaning services is our highly motivated staff.  All operations are supervised by senior staff with relevant experience and a thorough knowledge of Health and Safety regulations. Our operations and managers comply with all safety, environmental and other legislation.

The Industrial Cleaning Department utilizes appropriately customized, cost effective and efficient systems. The various functions of site and plant cleaning require the operation of specialized equipment.  We operate a diverse range of equipment to suite a wide variety of different operations and Client requirements. These include, but are not limited to, HPV Vacuum Trucks, Industrial Vacuuming Units, Skeed Steers, Road Sweepers, Industrial Floor Sweepers, and Industrial Floor Scrubbers.  We also do High Pressure Water Jetting, Removal of sludge deposits, scale, and chemical residue from vessels, pipelines, storage tanks, towers, drums, wash pits, leaded gasoline tanks etc.

MRMS continuously strives for Zero Harm to our people and our environment and is committed to improving the quality of life of people and communities in and around our operations.

Pipe Cleaning and Descaling

MRMS uses the superior “Stone Age Badger Nozzle” technology for pipe cleaning and descaling. Badger is the first rotation speed controlled 2-D tool with positive high pressure seal and replaceable jets that will track around a 4″ short radius elbow. The Badger uses viscous speed control, has up to 100 lbs of pulling force and features 5 jet ports; 2@135,* 2@100* and a offset boring jet at 15.* The tool operates in either a fast mode (75rpm-220rpm) or slow mode (20rpm-80 rpm) with the change in rpm’s effected by viscous fluid thickness.

High Pressure Cleaning

MRMS is using the highest quality machines in high-pressure cleaning up to1000Bar @56l/pm*. The Jetstream Pump Technology is being used. Applications include:



Coatings Removal

Pipe Cleaning

Marine Growth Removal

Floor Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Sluiceway descaling



HPVR-1000 is a robust 12 500 litter liquid ring vacuum truck for use in the removal of sludge and hydro carbons. It features the highest payload in its class and can be built on any commercially available freighter type chassis cab.

The DG 100 Industrial vacuum machine is used in the application of removing fine ash and PV build up on the boilers.

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