Arnot Power Station Cleaning

The Arnot Power Station project is based at Rietkuil, Mpumalanga. The project commenced in 2013. The scope of the project is industrial cleaning where MRMS is tasked to clean the whole power station on a weekly basis as part of preventative maintenance, plant longevity and safety requirements.

Since the project has started the overall cleanliness is better and this is reflecting in the Power Stations incurrence and Safety Audits which has improved with more than 30%. The project employees over 100 employees from the local community.

The contract value of the project is R 31, 5 million.

Arnot500 industrial_cleaning_MRMS_Civils_Arnot_2-500

industrial_cleaning_MRMS_Civils_Arnot_3-500 industrial_cleaning_MRMS_Civils_Arnot_4-500