HPVR 1000 Wet and Dry Vacuum Truck

MRMS recently purchased a wet and dry vacuum truck with the goal of investing in our Industrial Cleaning Department. This addition to the current fleet will allow us to improve our service delivery and efficiency. This is the second HPV-1000 vacuum truck MRMS purchased though Goscor Cleaning and we believe that the product manufactured by Highpoint Vacuum displays the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

The HPVR-1000 is a robust 12 500 liter liquid ring vacuum truck for use in the removal of sludge and hydro carbons. It features the highest payload in its class and was built on a UD truck (GWE420 6X4) chassis cab.

Highpoint Vacuums, in conjunction with Goscor Group of Companies, manufactures the HPVR-1000 and it is the backbone of industrial cleaning in South Africa. It is a robust 12.5m3 industrial cleaning truck with a 316L stainless steel tank, 1200 cfm liquid ring vacuum pump. Proven throughout South Africa for its robust and durable design.

Highpoint Vacuum is a highly specialised design and manufacturing organization focusing on industrial vacuum applications. They are a South African company and produce locally which enables a much shorter lead time than imported products.

The HPVR-1000 Vacuum truck will be available as part of our rental fleet depending on availability. For more information please contact Mr. Henry Locke (Project Manager) at 013 690 1596 or

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