The purpose of this 12 month project was to repair the Power Stations’ roads to such an extent that the structural reliability is reinstated and the roads’ life expectancy is extended.

The process entailed the rehabilitation and resealing of identified roads.

Rehabilitation consisted of removing defected material up to selected layers and then rebuilding the road layers back up to the Sub-base, Base and then surfacing the Road. The project consisted of two types of final seals:

•           30mm Medium Graded Asphalt and,

•           13mm Pre-coated Chip and Spray with a 6mm slurry seal

The works were divided into multiple sections but in total it covered an 11km area.

Ashpalt Seal_Mrms_Civils

Asphalt Seal Road Rehabilitation And Construction

Chip and Spray Coat_Mrms_Civils

Chip and Spray Coat – Road Rehabilitation and Construction

Chip and Spray_Mrms_Civils

Chip and Spray Coat – Road Rehabilitation And Construction

Finished Asphalt Lane_Mrms_Civils

Finished Asphalt Lane – Road Rehabilitation and Construction

Laying Asphalt_Mrms_Civils

Laying Asphalt – Finished Asphalt Lane

Rehabilitation of Road_Mrms_Civils

Rehabilitation of Road – Road Rehabilitation and Construction