The Grootvlei Power Station Roads Extension Project was a project mainly for broadening the Coal Stockyard entrance and exit which will allow trucks to turn more effectively and pass the bridge on the side in case of an emergency.

It entailed excavating all the relevant areas up to a depth of 1.5m and then backfilling and extending the existing road areas in the required layer works as designed by the engineer.

The total area of Road works was 1123m² and included works such as earthworks, embankments, Curbing, Water Run off drains, Concrete Culvert Pipes underneath road works for storm water channels and 50mm Medium Graded Tar Finnish.

The project also entailed smaller works such as refurbishing the control rooms, Bus Shelters and Heavy Duty Interlocking Paving of 730m² between Tarred Areas where the Trucks could park and Turn. All areas were finished off with Reflective Cat eyes and specified Road Signs.

The contract duration was 11 Months and the Value of the Project was R1.7m.