Introduction – Water Reticulation and Treatment Plants.

For the last 20 Years MRMS focused on customer service excellence and quality product supply, delivered through highly trained staff members who have invaluable experience and expertise in the Water Reticulation and Treatment Industry. This specialist knowledge enables MRMS to assist Clients in a wide range of applications so the most cost effective solution to each water treatment and/or reticulation project is achieved.

The success of our projects lies in the fact that a dedicated team is allocated to a project from start to finish. With this methodology, good continuity is maintained.

In the last 5 years MRMS was involved in momentous projects in the likes of the bulk service upgrade in Wilge Township and the civil upgrade works to 15ML per day supply at the Meyerton Wastewater Treatment Works where MRMS completed several intricate designs of civil structures, including but not limited to:

  • Earthworks, Excavations, Backfilling and Rehabilitation;
  • The construction of a new Head of Works with Mechanical Screens and Voltex degritters;
  • Construction of raw sewage pump stations;
  • Construction of a Biological reactor with a maximum capacity of ± 29 500 m³;
  • 30m diameter concrete Secondary Settling Tank;
  • Supporting buildings associated with the works
  • Sludge drying beds and an irrigation pumps station;
  • Pipework consisting of uPvC, oPvC, HDPE and steel in various sizes and class ratings;
  • Manholes, pressure release valve chambers etc.

MRMS’s pledge is to consistently provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost effective and sustainable water treatment and reticulation products and services to our valued customers, in order to satisfy their specific water service delivery needs and objectives.  In so doing we as MRMS commit ourselves to improve the industry.

Water_Reticulation_and_Treatment_Plants_MRMS_Civils_JOH_0170  Water_Reticulation_and_Treatment_Plants_MRMS_Civils_JOH_0179Water_Reticulation_and_Treatment_Plants_MRMS_Civils_JOH_0216  Water_Reticulation_and_Treatment_Plants_MRMS_Civils_JOH_0233