Wilge Pipeline Project – R 14 mil


The Wilge Pipeline Project was signed in 2012 and the project commenced in April 2013. The scope of the project was to install an 8km 250mm high pressure PVC sewer pipeline, and a 4km 250mm high pressure PVC water pipeline.  The project also included the construction of a Sump pump station, within Wilge, fitted with one primary and one secondary submersible pump, an emulsifier on the supply line,  a generator and associated monitoring equipment.

The project was however delayed due to the water license not being obtained by the Client. The project was suspended upon sectional completion to a further date to be announced to complete the water pipeline depending on the water use license. Ian Gaylard

WATER_RETICULATION_Pipline_Wilge_Project_MRMS_Civils_1 MRMS_Civils_Projects_Wilge